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Happy New Year!

Dec 31, 2013

Dear Friends,

I extend my warmest wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year to all, and blessings upon your families and your ambitions.

These are exciting times for Sino Agro Food, approaching Chinese New Year and beyond.

During our recent Investor Tour, I was able to reflect upon the achievements of 2013, many of which are the seeds that will blossom into flowers in 2014. SJAP facilities grew exponentially in 2013, primarily with the abattoir being built on time, and spearheading the Dragon Head status. The natural progression of this investment in 2013 will enhance the character of this important subsidiary, such that we will become a fully integrated producer and marketer of retail beef products, furthering the company's "farm to table" concept.

Prawn Farm II also saw impressive growth in 2013, while Fish Farm I approached capacity production in 2013, both serving as demonstrations of concept, leading to the likelihood of much bigger projects in 2014.

Additionally 2013 realized the infrastructure build out of the distribution and import-export businesses through which we will progressively increase traffic in 2014.

In these examples, we are ahead of the original five-year plan, as we turn to its final year.

We continue to perform well with sales, net assets and EBITDA growth again in 2013. We have quality income-generating assets and we continue to generate high gross margins.

Our board assessment of enterprise value based on the sum of our parts valuation confirms that our realizable fair value in cash flow terms is greater than that of our whole company. We aim to unlock the inherent higher valuation in a responsible way. We have several initiatives underway to do so.

Strong recurring income from product sales underscores the capacity to use debt now; meanwhile, we expect our engineering and consulting income to continue to contribute at least 20% of total income going forward.

So I am quite gratified with the support of our stakeholders, and wish to take this opportunity to thank all, and to pledge my tireless and confident work toward rewards for all.


Solomon Lee, CEO

Sino Agro Food, Inc.



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