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Happy New Year!

Dec 31, 2014

Dear Friends,

Once again it is time to wrap up one year and move into the next. Please accept my sincerest good wishes for you and your families, and for a healthy and prosperous 2015.

We enter 2015 with a brighter future than ever before. We achieved a great deal in 2014. At this time last year, we could not even have thoroughly envisioned many accomplished ambitions. All point to a maturing and growing Company, gaining stature and respect across a wide range of our partners, investors, customers, suppliers, and government agencies.

During 2014, we signed significant contracts that will help propel our company forward for many years:

  1. Zhongshan Prawn and Hydroponic Project
  2. Tesco PLC Supplier and Concessionaire Agreements
  3. Euro China Capital AB $25 Million Convertible Note
  4. Credit line from China's Agricultural Development Bank raised to RMB 80 Million

After announcing two new independent Board members, Mr. Daniel Ritchey and Mr. Anthony Soh in February, we added high-level corporate staff.  In May we announced the appointments of Ms. Olivia Lai as Chief Financial Officer, and in August Mr. Alan Wong as Chief Internal Auditor. Each has already made our Company stronger.

Last year I spoke of seeds being planted in 2013 to blossom into flowers in 2014. The seeds have flourished and budded into healthy young flowers. We will nurture them to full bloom in 2015 and beyond.

During 2014, the new Zhongshan prawn and hydroponic project progressed on track. With a capacity of 2,000 tons production, we expect the very first phased tanks to start operation within the first four months of 2015. This long-term project is planned to become the largest indoor aquaculture facility in the world. During 2014, we commenced operations of our slaughterhouse and packaging facilities at Qinghai Sanjiang A Power Agriculture Co., Ltd. (SJAP). We are building out distribution capacity to supply a growing number of Tesco concessions and other retail outlets, ensuring exceptional growth in cattle sales in 2015.

It is important for our shareholders to know that the Company is presented with these uniquely attractive opportunities to grow, earned by very few companies in the world. Please also realize that the Company appreciates its most important partners -- our shareholders -- who have contributed strongly to our ability to make and take advantage of these opportunities. We are developing plans and policies accordingly.

Solomon Lee, CEO
Sino Agro Food, Inc.


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