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Sino Agro Food, Inc. Actively Seeks to Add Independent Members to Company Board of Directors

Dec 2, 2011

GUANGZHOU, China--()--Sino Agro Food, Inc. (OTCQB: SIAF.PK), an emerging integrated, diversified agriculture technology and organic food company with principal operations located throughout the Peoples Republic China, is pleased to announce that consistent with the Company’s commitment to prudent corporate governance practices, the Company’s Board of Directors has established a Search Committee whose sole purpose is to identify and nominate three (3) additional independent directors to the Company’s Board of Directors for appointment by June 30, 2012. The nominees will be presented by the Search Committee to the Board of Directors, and if approved, the Board will formally nominate these Board candidates for shareholder approval and appointment at the Company’s next annual shareholder meeting.

The OTCQB, on which our shares of Common Stock are currently quoted, does not have any director independence requirements. With respect to whether a particular nominee will be considered “independent” for purposes of corporate governance, the Company will make this independence determination using the definition of “independent director” contained under NASDAQ Marketplace Rule 4200(a)(15), even though such definitions do not currently apply to us because we are not currently listed on NASDAQ.

In addition to the proposed addition of new and independent Board Members, the Company plans to establish three (3) major board committees, including an Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, and a Corporate Development Committee, all of which will be chaired by independent members of our Board.

It is the Company’s intention to develop a Sarbanes Oxley compliance driven audit function, which we anticipate is to be led by the Audit Committee. The Company’s goal in this regard is to incorporate a fully staffed Internal Audit Department that reports to the Audit Committee. The Company intends that this Internal Audit Department will be charged with developing and monitoring the functioning and compliance of business units through annual audits and through continuous monitoring and reporting of financial and business information.

In addition to the above-mentioned, the Company also intends to incorporate and implement a Company-wide comprehensive code of ethics, code of business conduct and internal compliance manual, all of which are intended to be developed in conjunction and with the assistance of outside legal counsel and external auditors. These proposed codes and manuals are anticipated to detail the responsibilities of all employees, particularly our principal executive and principal financial officers, as well as our Board of Directors.

We believe that these steps are consistent and coherent with the Company’s overall goal of establishing premiere and exemplary corporate governance practices, as well necessary preparation in anticipated of attaining the listing requirements necessary for listing our Company securities on a well-known and well-regarded U.S. stock exchange.

The Company has filed an updated corporate presentation with the SEC at:

The Company also recently released a short video documentary covering operations at:


Sino Agro Food, Inc. (“SIAF”) ( and ( is an integrated, diversified agricultural technology and organic food company focused on developing, producing and distributing agricultural products in the Peoples Republic of China. The Company intends to focus on meeting the increasing demand of China’s rising middle class for gourmet and high-quality food items. Current lines of business include the manufacture and distribution of beef and lamb products, fish products, bio-organic fertilizer, stock feed and cash crops.

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