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Recent Events at Sino Agro Food

Mar 20, 2016

The Company would like to share recent events relating to its Zhongshan MegaFarm project. This page depicts newsworthy items from recent weeks, starting with the initial stocking announcement February 26, 2016, followed by presentations to two different audiences by Dr. Anthony Ostrowski, Sino Agro Food, Inc.’s Chief Scientific Officer. At the end, we include a recent article from Norway’s prestigious Finansavisen business newspaper that has earned attention for the Company.

Of interest to trade journalists, aquaculture enthusiasts, investment houses, and current shareholders, Dr. Ostrowski’s presentations lend quite a bit of information about the Zhongshan MegaFarm project, its status, processes, and science. The video is informative, and introduces viewers to Dr. Ostrowski as he presents SIAF’s business model from several perspectives, explaining the Company’s technology and processes in clear detail. We recommend watching all the way through the Question & Answer session at the end.

In late February, 2016, the Company was pleased to announce that stocking of postlarvae prawns had begun at the new Zhongshan Prawn Project. In addition to the press release, four videos and several photos were published.


Around the same time, before traveling to Norway and Sweden, Sino Agro Food, Inc.’s Chief Scientific Officer Anthony Ostrowski, Ph.D., attended the World Aquaculture Society’s annual conference, where he conferred with aquaculture analysts, journalists, and industry contacts.



On March 3, 2016, Dr. Ostrowski presented The SIAF APRAS Model: A Paradigm Shift in 21st Century Aquaculture at the North Atlantic Seafood Conference in Bergen, Norway. In his presentation, Dr. Ostrowski discusses RAS technology and SIAF’s aquaculture methods, with a focus on the new Zhongshan Prawn Project. The presentation is available for download:


The following evening, March 4, 2016, Dr.Ostrowski discussed the Company's APRAS model as used in the new Zhongshan Prawn Project with an audience of investors in Stockholm, Sweden. His informative presentation includes a Q&A session of interest to a wide audience, including investors.

View all of Sino Agro Food, Inc.’s videos on Vimeo.

After the presentation, Dr. Tony answered more questions as he chatted with SIAF investors, analysts and other attendees.

On March 7, Norway's prestigious Finansavisen business newspaper published an article in which respected investors shared their opinion of Sino Agro Food. An English translation is on page 2 of the reproduction below.


Visit the Zhongshan MegaFarm project’s web page for future progress updates.